Beat the Stale House Smell

One of the worst things about the winter is that when the house is shut up most of the time it starts to smell stale.  Around here you can’t open the windows and let in the fresh air, so air fresheners are useful to keep the house smelling fresh and clean.  But what kind of air freshener to use?  It seems like there are too many options.

I love scented candles, they make the entire house smell wonderful and they look great.  Unfortunately they aren’t always practical with little kids and pets running around.  I am always paranoid that I will forget I light one and burn the house down.  So while I use them occasionally I also use things that don’t have flames.

In the past few years flame less candles have become available.  These look like candles, but run on batteries, so they aren’t as dangerous.  Also plugin warmers, like Scentsy, have become very popular.  It seems like every craft fair I attend lately has someone selling Scentsy warmers.  I have one, and they are nice, but I still worry about them.  They use a light to melt wax, so a child could still get burned from the hot wax.

In our basement I use a Glade air freshener that sprays out scent every 10 minutes.  This works nicely because I just set it and forget it.  For somewhere like the basement a low maintenance option is nice.  Overall it seems like the solution for a good smelling house varies from room to room, and season to season, but there is no reason not to have your house smelling fresh and clean.